Vikings & Fjords

Experience the Best of Norway: A Journey through Oslo, Norwegian Highlands, deep Fjords and Bergen

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure through the picturesque landscapes of Norway! Our carefully crafted itinerary takes you on a journey through some of the most stunning and historic destinations in the country. 

Embark on a scenic train journey to the Norwegian Highlands, a region renowned for its breathtaking glaciers and majestic landscapes. 

Hop on the historic Flamsbana, one of the world’s steepest and most picturesque train rides. Descend into the heart of the Norwegian fjords and witness the awe-inspiring Sognefjord, Norway’s largest and deepest fjord. Take in the mesmerizing views of cascading waterfalls, lush mountainsides, and quaint villages nestled along the fjord’s shores.



Arrive in Oslo

After the flight, you have time to relax in Oslo, Norways capital and biggest city.
Oslo offers many attractions such as the Royal Palace, the Akershus Fortress or the Opera House, well known for its striking architecture where visitors can walk on the sloping roof and get panoramic view of the Oslofjord or the Royal Palace. Thanks to public transportation and its size the city can be explored by foot and Metro.
We recommend to stay at least for two nights – one day to adjust after the flight and another one to explore the city. Feel free to stay an extra day if you’re interested in arts and culture.



Train ride through the scenic Norweginan Highlands

First of all: I love trains. For me it is the perfect mode of transportation. You can read a book, listen to your music or just see the landscape change while you travel from A to B. 

Now let me tell you about my favorite train ride: the Bergensbanen. It’s a 430km/267mi long train ride connecting Oslo and Bergen. The journey takes about 6h 30min but the best thing is that you can hop on and hop off wherever you like (as long as there is a train station of course).

For our Norway Vikings & Fjords Tour, we take that train from Oslo Main Station to Geilo, where we will have our first highland stop to go hiking, e-mountainbiking or skiining, depending on the season. We recommend to stay for one night. It’s enough time to check out the area unless you are big into mountainbiking or skiing.

Feel free to ask us about potential other stops along the route, that might be more your speed.



Hop on the Bergensbanen and ride the train for another 1.5h. Enjoy the scenery from the comfort of your cozy train seat.
In Finse, we leave the train and check into the mountain hotel next to the train station. Find yourself in the Norwegian Highlands – a barren landscape shaped by glaciers. Today we can go on a hike to the glacier or just enjoy the unreal sourroundings. We recommend you to stay her



The next day we embark on our last day but certaily the most spectacular part of the train ride. In Myrdal we get off the train and leave the Bergensbanen and switch to the historic Flamsbana, the steepest railroad (on normal train tracks). We pass majestic waterfalls and roll down to the biggest fjord in Norway: the Sognefjord.

This is the perfect starting point for an unforgettable kayak experience. You can either take the kayak out on the fjord for a couple of hours or even do an optional 2 day kayak trekking tour. You can find more info on this optional adventure in the following chapter.

Kayak Adventure

Kayak adventure

If you want to experience the fjord in an unforgettable way, we recommend you to go on this unique kayak adventure. You will start in Flam and paddle northbound.
You can either rent the kayak for a couple of hours and return to Flam when you get tired or take this adventure to the next level:
Rent the kayak for two days, paddle to the cute village Undredal, where you will spend the night. The next day we start paddling toward the Naeroyfjorden, Norways most narrow fjord. Once we arrive the end of the fjord, the kayak rental company will pick us up and bring us back to Flam, where we continue our trip.



It’s time to change our mode of transportation from train to boat. Get on board of the ferry and catch a scenic ride to Laerdalsöyri. Here we will check into our hotel.
Laerdalyöyri is a great location for hiking, bike tours and of course to visit the vikiking church in Borgund. We recommend you to stay one or two nights, depending on the number of hikes you want to do.



The next day it’s time to head down the fjord toward Bergen. Get onboard, get yourself a window spot and see the landscape pass and change. You can add an extra stop by the coast if you want.



Bergen is a beautiful city with lots of beautiful architecture and stunning view points on the two Mountains Floyen and Ulriken. Both can be hiked or you take the train and cable car. We recommend you to stay for two days in Bergen.

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