One of my favorite areas in Germany is defenitely the beautiful wine country Pfalz. Lots for history, friendly locals and delicious wine awaits you there.

It is an ideal place for hikes. One of many good hikes starts in Bad Bergzabern and takes you all the way to a castle ruin with an amazing view. So call your friends, pack some snacks and enjoy a day in nature.

What to expect?

Follow the “Pfälzer Weinsteig” symbol which takes you from the start (Bad Bergzbern) until the end (castle ruin Guttenberg)

The hike in detail

Start the hike in Bad Bergzabern. From there you follow the hiking/biking signs to Dörrenbach.

Bad Bergzabern to Dörrenbach – 4 km

The path takes you through vineyards and a forest. After 4km you will reach Dörrenbach – the so called “Dornröschen der Pfalz” which translates to “Sleeping Beauty of the Pfalz”. If you visit in spring or summer you will understand where the name originates from: lots of roses cover the houses.


From here follow the signs to Kolmerkapelle or straight to Stäfflesbergturm (480 m), where you can enjoy great views of the entire Rhine valley and the Palatinate Forest.

Dörrenbach to Stäffelsbergturm 2km

From here you follow the signs to Burgruine Guttenberg. If you want to take a smaller trail you can follow the signs to “Steinerner Tisch” – Stone Table. This path will leave the main path at “Drei Eichen” and take you up on a hilltop. From there follow the signs to “Burgruine Guttenberg”.

Steinerner Tisch
Stäffelsbergturm to Castle Guttenberg

How to continue from here?